Privolzhsky Research Medical University
Еstablished in 1920
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Privolzhsky Research Medical University
Established in 1920 Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Privolzhsky Research Medical University" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (FSBEI HE PRMU MOH Russia) is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It successfully provides scientific researches and educational work in the best world and Russian traditions. The educational process is based on modern principles and new trends of formation and medical development.
Since 2021, the university has been ranked in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings.
THE Impact Rankings 1001+
NoPoverty — 401+
Zero Hunger — 301–400+
Good Health and Wellbeing — 401–600+
Quality Education — 801+
SCImago Ranking — 726 in the world
17 among Russian establishments, Publications — Q1
6 000
1 500
International students from 67 countries
Research establishments
Distant preparatory courses
Distant Preparatory Courses are held in Chemistry, Biology and Russian Language. The education is provided either in Russian or in English.

Language of instruction: Russian/English
From 1 900$ per year
Master's Degree in General Medicine Course
General Medicine Graduate may become following professionals:
  • Therapist;
  • Gynecologist (Obstetrician-Gynecologist);
  • Surgeon;
  • Cardiologist;
  • Endocrinologist;
  • Neurologist, etc.

Language of instruction: Russian/English
General Medicine (English) — 4600$ per year
General Medicine (Russian) — 4300$ per year

Master's Degree in Dentistry
PRMU Dentistry Department is one of the leading dental faculties among Russian universities.

Languages of instruction: Russian/English
Dentistry (English) — 5100$ per year,
Dentistry (Russian) — 4500$ per year

Master's Degree in Pharmacy
Pharmacy Department was opened in 2000 in order to train specialists with higher pharmaceutical education (pharmacists).
In 2019, Pharmacy Department opened international students training in English. During Pharmacy Department existence more than 1,500 specialists, including more than 100 citizens of foreign countries, received the diploma of pharmacist.

Languages of instructions: English
Pharmacy (English) — 4200$ per year
Pharmacy (Russian) — 4200$ per year

Choose the most convenient way to get direct admission advice from the university:
Contact the university directly
+7 (495) 152-4497
Documents for admission
All the documents must be translated into Russian and notarized.
A notarized copy of passport with a notarized translation into Russian (all pages).
Notarized copies of diplomas or certificates of education, annexes to them where the subjects studied and credits are indicated, with a notarized translation into Russian.
Certificate of Equivalence
Certificate of English Knowledge (if possible)
Key dates and deadlines
June 19, 2021 – October 25, 2021
Application period
August 25th, 2021
Application deadline for preparatory course
There are 5 dormitories in the university.

$20–140 per month

Students' life
Where is the Privolzhsky Research Medical University located?
Nizhny Novgorod is a city in central Russia, the administrative center of the Volga Federal District and the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The second most populous city in the Volga Federal District and on the Volga River. It was founded on February 4 (10), 1221 by Prince Yuri Vsevolodovich.
It is located in the center of the East European Plain at the confluence of the Oka and Volga rivers. The Oka divides the city into two parts: on the high right bank — Nagornaya on the Dyatlovy Mountains, and Zarechnaya — on its left low-lying bank. On the left bank of the Volga is the satellite city of Bor.
In 1500–1515, a stone Kremlin was built, which was never taken by an enemy in the entire history. Under its walls, in 1612, the land headman Kuzma Minin raised funds and, together with Prince Pozharsky, organized a people's militia to liberate Moscow and all of Russia from the Poles and Lithuanians. Since 1817, with the transfer of the Makaryevskaya Fair to the city, which was previously located near the Zheltovodsk Makariev Monastery, it has become one of the largest shopping centers in Russia. In 1896, the city hosted the All-Russian Art and Industrial Exhibition, which gave development to the Russian tram. During the Soviet industrialization of the 1930s, large machine-building enterprises were built in it, including the largest auto giant – the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ).
During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945, the city was the largest supplier of military equipment, which is why it was bombed, the most powerful in the entire Middle Volga region. After the war, the city was awarded the Order of Lenin. On November 20, 1985, the first section of the metro was launched in the city. In 2012, a ropewayline was launched with the largest unsupported span over the water surface in Europe as an addition to the passenger transport system. In 2013, the city electric train was launched. In 2018, the city became one of the sites for the FIFA World Cup.
Population within the city limits – 1 244 254 (2021), within the boundaries of the city district – 1 263 560 (2021), the sixth most populous city in Russia and the fourth in its European part. The city is the center of the Nizhny Novgorod agglomeration, which has a population of 2.087 million people. It is the sixth largest in the country and the second in the Middle Volga region.
Nizhny Novgorod is an important economic, industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Russia, the largest transport hub and the administrative center of the Volga Federal District. It is one of the main directions of river tourism in Russia. The historical part of the city is rich in attractions and is a popular tourist center.
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