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Еstablished in 1920
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Kuban State University
Kuban State University (KubSU) is a University with rich hundred-year history, well-established traditions and Universally recognized achievements. Its high status confirmed by numerous awards, its known reputation as a leading Center of education, science and culture of the Kuban region have allowed the University to become famous and recognized not only in Russia, but also abroad. Being a classical Institution of Higher Education, Kuban State University is confident about the future and is set for new victories. KubSU is a University where Natural Sciences and Humanities are harmoniously coexisted. Due to its achievements in education, research and academic activities, KubSU is rightfully considered one of the leading universities in the south of Russia.
Students from 72 countries of the world
Institutions and Faculties
Foreign organizations from 36 countries
Fields of study (Bachelor)
Fields of study (Master)
Degree Master Programs
Educational Programs
Level: Master
Field of study: 38.04.01 Economics
Major: Economics and Management
Faculty of Economics
Description: International Master's Double-Degree Programme "Economics and Management" (code 38.04.01 Economics), where all courses are taught in English. The first year of the Programme takes place at Kuban State University, the second – at one of the Partner Universities, depending upon your choice: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Economics and Management (CULS, Czech Republic) or Polytechnic Institute of Porto (also referred to as P.PORTO), School of Accounting and Business (ISCAP, Portugal). As a result of defending master's theses under the supervision of Russian and foreign professors, graduates of the master's programme:
  • will be awarded two diplomas/degrees (Russian and European);
  • will get an opportunity to continue their studies at postgraduate/doctoral programmes;
  • will have wide employment opportunities both in Russia and abroad.
Those who do not plan to study abroad for the second year can complete the full programme (Economics and Management) at KubSU, and according to the results of final exams and successful defense of their master thesis, will receive a Master's degree in Economics from Kuban State University.
Tuition fee: ~ 1900 USD
Pedagogical Education
Level: Bachelor
Field of study: 44.03.05 Pedagogical Education
Major: Russian as a foreign language, Russian language and Russian literature, Mathematics and ITC, History and Social Sciences, Primary and Preschool education, Technological education and Physics, English language and German language, Geography
Faculty of Russia Philology, Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, Institute of Geography, Geogology, Turism and Service
Description: The educational programme provides for a fundaFaculty of Pedagogics, Psychology and Communicational science mental classical education, studying a wide range of linguistic and cultural subjects. Students do work placements and pedagogical internships in schools, grammar schools, colleges, teaching Russian language for foreign students, editors offices of newspapers and magazines and publishing houses. Student and teacher exchange between KubSU Faculty of Russian Philology and the Catholic University Faculty of Fine Arts (Belgium) is carried out within the framework of an agreement between these two faculties. Internships in Germany, Austria and the USA are also available.

Tuition fee: ~ 1400 USD
Cartography and Geoinformatics
Level: Bachelor
Field of study: 05.03.03 Cartography and Geoinformatics
Major: Geoinformatics
Institute of Geography, Geogology, Turism and Service
Description: The programme provides fundamental university education. The curriculum includes general professional disciplines in the field of Earth sciences, as well as disciplines concerning: cartography; geoinformatics (geographic information systems); geodesy; aerospace technologies (satellites, drones); design, production, research and management activities.

Tuition fee: ~ 1600 USD
Level: Bachelor
Field of study: 04.03.01 Chemistry
Major: Analytical chemistry; Inorganic chemistry and chemistry of coordination compounds; Organic and Bioorganic chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Chemical expertise and environmental safety.
Faculty of Chemistry and High Technologies
Description: Training includes a system of continuous, successively interconnected chemical training for mastering fundamental knowledge, skills and the formation of abilities necessary to work with modern technologies and create new progressive chemical processes. The chemical complex of the Krasnodar Territory includes over 700 economic entities. The chemical and petrochemical industry of the Krasnodar Territory includes 13 large and medium-sized economic entities of basic chemistry, enterprises producing mineral fertilizers, sulfuric acid, plastic products, fiberglass materials, paints and varnishes, mechanical rubber goods and rubber products, perfumery and cosmetic products, etc.

Tuition fee: ~ 1600 USD
International Relations
Level: Bachelor
Field of study: 41.03.05 International Relations
Major: International Security
Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations
Description: The purpose of studying at the bachelor's degree in the direction of "International Relations" is to prepare a humanities student who is well versed in modern politics, political decision-making processes, as well as a specialist in the field of international relations. During the entire study, bachelors study in depth English, German or French (optional) and related disciplines - theory and practice of translation, business course in English and German or French.

Tuition fee: ~ 1600 USD
Applied Mathematics, Informational Communications
Level: Bachelor
Field of study: 01.03.02 Applied Mathematics, Informational Communications
Major: Applied Mathematics and Informational Communications (general area of study); Mathematical Modelling and Computing Mathematics; System Analysis, Research, Operation Analysis and Management; System Programming and Computer Technologies
Faculty of Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics
Description: At the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Applied Mathematics, highly qualified specialists are trained: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 10 Doctors of Sciences, 34 Candidates of Sciences. Faculty students work in 9 modern computer classrooms and in the Internet center. Every year, more than 60% of graduates of the Faculty of Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics enter master's and postgraduate studies. Scientists of the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Applied Mathematics take part in many scientific conferences in Russia, near and far abroad. The volume of scientific research carried out at the faculty in the last 5 years alone amounted to more than 200 million rubles. These are international programs, federal programs, grants from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and RFBR, grants from various Russian and international foundations.

Tuition fee: ~ 1550 USD
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Key dates and deadlines
June 20 – August 3, 2022
at bachelor's programs
June 19 – August 5, 2022
at master's programs
June 21 – July 30, 2022
at post-graduate programs

$15 per month
Students' life
About Krasnodar region
Kuban State University is located within the region of rapidly developing part of Russia — the Krasnodar territory. The region is situated in the South of the country and covers an area of about 76 thousand square km. In terms of population, it is the third among the regions (subjects) of the Russian Federation: it is a home for over five million people, including 120 nationalities.
The Kuban River flows through Krasnodar territory. The River divides the region into two parts — the Northern flat terrain and the Southern mountain part; it is washed by the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. The unique natural and climatic conditions of the region allowed Russia to hold XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic winter games of 2014 in Sochi.
The foundations of economic potential of Krasnodar territory is made up by agro-industrial, fuel and energy, transport, resort-recreational complexes, machinery, forestry, woodworking, production of building materials.
Kuban State University occupies a special place in the scientific-educational cluster of the region — the largest academic complex, carrying out the preparation of specialists in practically all subject area departments of knowledge.
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